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Four Aces Club Announcement

31 May 2015 Events Comments OFF

Dear Players,

I was formally suspended by the Michigan Gaming Control Board on Thursday May 28, 2015 because I let Johnny O deal.    The Michigan Gaming Control Board has decided not to allow me to operate while we wait for my hearing because I am a danger to the public’s welfare.

I violated the Bingo Act, but my punishment does not fit the crime.  This is the reason I am fighting the MGCB in a hearing.   Maybe I can mitigate the suspension to just a few months and I can return as your charity poker supplier.  But If lose and I am revoked for two years.  I want the final word on record of how Rick Kalm and the MGCB were so relentless in their destruction and decimation of charity poker that they continued to change the rules and grandstanded in the legislature until they eventually regulated me so much I could no-longer run a viable business.

Rick Kalm does not like opposition to his rule changes and I am his most outspoken opponent.  So based upon his original offer of a 14 month suspension and a prayer that I might be able to return someday, I know he really just wanted to see me gone.

This is why letting the same person be in charge of the Casino’s and the Charities revenue stream causes such an extreme conflict of interest.  From the beginning of the MGCB taking over from the Lottery there has been nothing but a lack of support, lack of training and lack of education to both suppliers or charities,  dealing with the MGCB has been anything but business friendly.  And they are the sole reason that charities have lost thousands of poker fund-raiser dollars.

Because I know that this hearing will most likely not be favorable for me and I am facing a long uphill battle and most likely a lengthy appeal.  I don’t want my first bad decision to impact my charities or my players and employees.

So I have sold my poker tables, chairs and gaming equipment to the River Poker Supply who has agreed to take over immediately at the Rosemack Bingo Hall while I fight this suspension.

In conclusion I want to thank all of the players, employees and charities for the last six years.  I have really grown to be friends with most of you.  I will miss serving you and working to make your community a better place. I wish you all the best in the future.

Thank you -Sincerely

Guy Hickey

Four Aces Club